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Aviation Refresher Battery Training (RBT)

The Saft Refresher Battery Training (RBT) is a fast, efficient and cost effective 1 hour 45 minutes eLearning on Aviation Ni-Cd battery maintenance.

The Saft Refresher Battery Training (RBT) eLearning has been developed by our experts to give the opportunity to operators to refresh their knowledge on Aviation Ni-Cd battery maintenance. The goal is to maintain your capability to safely operate your Saft Ni-Cd batteries.

The course reviews the basic electrochemistry principles, safety rules, the 3 types of maintenance, reviewing failure cases, charging/discharging and operations.


  • To refresh your knowledge without having to participate to a Saft classroom training
  • To refresh the specificities of Saft aviation Ni-Cd batteries maintenance
  • To validate that you have the right level of knowledge to maintain Saft batteries
  • To acquire the maximum autonomy in the maintenance and repair operations
  • To learn fundamental details of all Saft aviation batteries
  • To be able to identify the circumstances that may require Saft assistance

The Saft Refresher Battery Training (RBT) contains an evaluation test prior to the eLearning and a validation test at the end. You need to successfully pass the evaluation test to be able to follow the RBT. After completion, a Certificate is available for download.

This eLearning is only for those who have previously followed a 2-day Saft Battery Maintenance Training classroom. A self-paced access is granted for 60 days.

For more information, please contact our expert at aircraft@saftbatteries.com.


Download the RBT documentation