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Tracking cable drums through the Internet of Things

Saft primary batteries power ffly4u’s tiny wireless sensors

Key benefits for ffly4u

• Saft primary lithium batteries ensure high performance and a 6-year operational life in the harsh working environment experienced by cable drums.
• Risk mitigation by selecting a field proven solution with a 30-year track record in wireless applications. 

Saft solutions features

• The LS 14500 cell delivers unrivalled pulse capability with no need for a capacitor in even the harshest conditions, creating the most compact solution currently available.
• Exceptionally low self-discharge ensure a long installed lifetime.
• High performance and long life are ensured by high quality production and materials and verified by a unique mathematical lifetime model.

The challenge: reliable power for wireless sensors deployed on large cable drums

ffly4u has worked with Nexans, one of the world’s leading cable companies, to develop a tracking and management service for a fleet of around 40,000 drums used to store and transport power cables.  This pioneering approach ensures that drums are never lost or abandoned and helps prevent cable theft.The key to the tracking system is a tiny battery-owered sensor installed on every cable drum. This sensor identifies both the drum and type and quantity of cable it is carrying. It also connects wirelessly to a cloud-based management system that provides Nexans with real-time  information on the drum’s location and status. The challenge for ffly4u was to find a battery capable of meeting the required 6-year design life combined with total reliability in the harsh, outdoor working environment and temperature variations.

The solution: Saft LS 14500 cells

Saft’s LS 14500 cells are the only cells available that could meet ffly4u’s pulse current requirements without the support of additional components such as capacitors.  In addition, their proven reliability in demanding temperatures and environmental conditions ensures complete peace of mind for wireless applications.

The long-term success of drum tracking system developed for Nexans will depend totally on the performance and reliability of the wireless sensors. The choice of battery was a critical factor. There could be no compromise on quality. That’s why we have selected Saft.

Olivier Pagès CEO of ffly4u

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