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Saft Evolion® modules deliver energy storage for PowiDian’s renewable energy stations that power off-grid telecom sites

State-of-the-art Saft Evolion® lithium-ion (Li-ion) modules provide short term energy storage for the innovative SAGES hydrogen-based power generation, storage and back-up solution developed for a variety of remote, mobile and back-up applications. 

An innovative approach to providing reliable green energy

PowiDian, a spin-off company from Airbus Group, has developed SAGES System: Smart Autonomous Green Energy System as a turnkey solution for delivering reliable electricity supply in remote off-grid telecom locations or where the grid supply is unreliable.

SAGES uses one or more forms of renewable energy (including solar, wind turbines and hydro power) and stores it using a combination of Li-ion batteries for short-term (one- or two-day) storage and hydrogen for longer-term storage, ready for use when required. Applications include remote telecom sites, as well as isolated villages and bases, critical infrastructure and military installations.

PowiDian SAGES –key facts

  • 100 percent green renewable energy solution in three configurations:

    - fully autonomous 24/7 operation for isolated sites (1 to 500 kW)
    - grid-connected sites for 5 days of autonomy (1 to 500 kW)
    - mobile system (100 W to 100 kW)

  • Just one site visit required for maintenance per year
  • 48 V Evolion® modules provide 77 AH and 3.9 kWh
  • Battery modules support twice daily charge/discharge cycles

Hydrogen electrolysis for unlimited long-term energy storage

The SAGES energy station incorporates hydrogen electrolysis and storage equipment to provide unlimited long-term energy storage (including hydrogen electrolyzer, fuel cell, storage in bottles, tanks or metal hydrides). This converts energy into hydrogen and stores it securely in large quantities for several months; when needed the hydrogen is converted back into electricity using the fuel cell.

Remote management software optimizes the performance of the station through prediction, self-learning and simulation algorithms. By taking into account the exact location and consumption profile, each element of the station can be automatically configured in order to avoid unnecessary over-sizing or the risk of under-sizing.

Evolion® modules are ideally suited for renewable energy storage

The Saft Evolion® 48 V dc, 77 Ah, 3.9 kWh Li-ion battery modules selected for this application are designed to meet the requirements of remote telecom sites. They offer fast charging, long lifetime (15-plus years), small footprint and the ability to operate at high temperatures without the need for special air conditioned cabinets. They are ruggedized and highly suited to the needs of renewable energy storage, with the capability to support twice daily charge/discharge cycles.
The PowiDian concept was developed within the AIRBUS RENESTA Consortium of which Saft is a member. The SAGES solution is available in three main configurations: as a fully autonomous system for isolated sites with no access to the grid; as a back-up system for sites connected to grids which suffer frequent outages; and as a mobile system for deployable and tactical purposes.

Evolion® modules – key facts

• Ruggedised Li-ion technology developed for demanding telecom applications in outdoor plant
• Fast charging
• Lifetime of 15-plus years
• Lightweight and compact for optimum use of available space
• Reliable operation at high temperatures with no need for air conditioning

Our goal is to deliver a reliable, non-polluting, year-round power source anywhere on the planet, whatever the weather, without a drop of oil and with one only maintenance site visit per year over a 15-year lifetime. The proven reliability and long life of Evolion® Li-ion technology is key to helping us achieve that goal.

Pierre Langer, PowiDian CEO

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