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Optimizing metering asset operation for Eau de Paris

Saft’s innovative Meter Life Analysis service is helping the water utility serving Paris to secure the availability of its metering infrastructure.

The customer

Eau de Paris is the utility responsible for the production and distribution of water in the city of Paris. Its activities are coordinated from a water control centre and it manages a fleet of water meters operated by telemetry, which were deployed 10 years ago.

The challenge

  • Get accurate determination of the remaining life of Eau de Paris’s installed base of meters, based on the actual conditions experienced by the meters in the field
  • Optimize management of metering assets by implementing a conditionbased maintenance approach

Key customer benefits

  • In depth analysis providing key information to determine the best metering asset management strategy
  • Comprehensive facts & figures test reports leading to fully informed decision making for asset maintenance and/or renewal
  • Better knowledge and expertise in battery ageing processes and solutions to detect and manage the parameters that influence battery life
  • Fast service: completion within 4 months from the initial order
  • Application to Saft and other manufacturers batteries

Ensuring continuity of customer service and data retrieval

The Meter Life analysis service is based on the evaluation of health and ageing process of the meters by measuring and testing a representative sample of batteries collected from the field. Tests include:

  • Analysis of the mechanical integrity of the batteries (corrosion, leakage or cracks, loss of their hermetic seal)
  • Remaining battery capacity determination by Saft’s specific chemical analysis of the electrodes
  • Discharged capacity and self-discharge evaluation, by using induced coupled plasma analysis of discharge compounds from electrochemical reactions
  • Passivation state of the batteries assessed by complex impedance measurement
  • Data analysis and evaluation of daily battery consumption based on actual field conditions

The Meter Life Analysis service enables to identity the parameters influencing the ageing process (temperature, location, humidity, type of metering device) and the possible technical solutions to optimize battery life.

Note: state of the art tests are performed by a Saft production laboratory using special test equipment with analysis of results by highly trained experts.


For more than 10 years, Saft has provided batteries for Eau de Paris’s many different brands, makes and models of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems that serve 99% of Parisian buildings. To meet our specific requirement, Saft has designed and deployed a service to check the actual power consumption of installed batteries. By performing laboratory analysis and then correlating the results with life expectancy data, Saft can accurately estimate the remaining service life of devices and equipment that are deployed across our fleet.

Louise Dauffy Metering, Metrology and Smart Metering / Water Distribution / Eau de Paris

Saft’s vision for service

Saft has always been known for the quality of its products and technology. They are now fully supported with high quality and responsive service of battery systems. Training, installation, maintenance, fleet management and e-supervision are all included within Saft’s growing ‘Service’ portfolio.


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