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Making farming smarter, and more environmentally friendly

Saft primary lithium cells power soil moisture probes to help farmers become more efficient 

Key benefits for DFM Software Solutions 

• Insurance of 2 years of continuous service to mitigate risks for farmers and optimize CAPEX while leading to fast Return Of Investment (ROI).
• Fit and forget solution, maintenance free system, thus reducing OPEX for end-users.
• Local presence and high technical support from Saft’s distributor, Just Batteries. 

Saft solutions features 

• Saft’s LS / LSH range has a 30 years+ of proven track record in communicating devices applications.
• Saft offers several chemistries and cell designs to match a large panel of customers’ needs.
• Wide operating temperature range from -60˚C to +85˚C,  compatible with harsh climatic outdoor conditions. 

The challenge: Providing up to two years of autonomous power in a harsh agricultural environment 

Climate change and extreme weather are creating serious problems for farmers in South Africa as their agricultural land continues to dry out. Recognizing that traditional intensive farming methods are no longer working, the country’s farmers are turning to the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve their land’s productivity. DFM Software Solutions is adressing this need by developing highly specialized hardware and software solutions such as soil moisture probes that monitor critical data round the clock. It continuously logs water levels, salinity, oxygen and plant root development. Armed with this information, farmers can optimize the management of their crops and soil and maximize productivity.

As the whole system efficiency relies on the power delivered by the battery, zero-failure on the field is a key requirement. Thus, only a high-quality battery is able to ensure total reliability and long life in these harsh conditions where temperatures can fall to -10°C in winter and reach +45°C in summer.

The solution: Saft LS / LSH primary lithium cells

Saft lithium based bobbin and spiral cells, distributed by local distributor Just Batteries, are used in both the soil probes and the communication system. Currently, the cells are installed in over 50,000 probes.

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Our probes need to gather a large volume of complex data at least once an hour, if a battery fails even for a day or two the readings are useless. That’s why we are working with Saft, as they offer the best possible battery available to ensure reliable operation for up to two years.

Dirk Friedhelm Mercker Founder of DFM Software Solutions

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