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High performance Li-ion batteries at the heart of digitalization in hospitals

Saft Li-ion batteries deliver reliable power for a universal hot-swap battery system for medical carts


Key benefits for DCPower4C 

• Significant improvement in performance and reliability
• Lighter solution than traditional battery solutions
• Long and predictable service life of up to 6 years
• With Saft’s Li-ion cells as an integral part of the Circadian®  system, hospitals can achieve a significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership) (TCO) and improve Return On Investment (ROI) on going digital


Saft solutions features

• Saft’s MP xtd cells rated at 5.6 Ah and 3.75 V
• Highest level of safety with compliance to the UN 38.3, UL 1642, IEC 62133 Edition 2 and IEC60079-11 standards.
• Saft is ISO 13485 certified, covering the development, production and quality control processes for medical devices and their components.


The challenge: Eliminating the problems of battery unreliability and short life in mobile medical carts 

Self-powered EPD carts and medication carts capable of long periods of autonomous operation are key components in the current trend to implement digitization and connectivity throughout hospitals.  The aim is to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and significantly improve patient outcomes. However, their high cycling requirements are a major challenge for both consumer grade lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, with large numbers of charge/discharge cycles. The result is that battery power is consistently identified as the single most problematic issue with mobile equipment in a clinical setting. DCP4C, a Dutch start-up company, decided to address the situation. 


The solution: Saft’s MP xtd Li-ion cell 

DCP4C has developed the innovative Circadian® System that uses Saft’s MP xtd Li-ion cell technology as the basis for a lightweight, universal hot swap battery system capable of providing reliable 24-7 power for mobile medical carts. The hot swap capability enables the batteries to be changed while the equipment remains powered up. 



Most Li-ion packs in use today are not capable of meeting the intensive operational demands of mobile medical applications. The result is that healthcare providers cannot fully achieve the efficiency and patient outcome benefits promised by implementation of digital technology. With Saft, we are finally able to address this issue to enable hospitals to realize the return on investment of going digital - that’s the prize.

Martyn Sly-Jex Sales Director at DCPower4C

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