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Manufacturing Excellence

Saft is constantly looking to provide better solutions for customers' stored energy needs. To this end, our focus is always on safety, collaboration, lean operation and readiness for the future – to be Industry 4.0.


Manufacturing excellence at Saft


Collaboration: Saft is a truly global company – not just in geographical terms, but in its behavior, too. We act globally, as a worldwide team, sharing information in real time between our different communities of expertise – be they R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, sales or external partners.

Lean: the Saft World Class Program has been behind continuous quality and performance improvement since 2004 as part of our aim to reach the highest lean standards in all our plants. Everyone, from the boardroom to the shop floor, is trained to solve problems and look for improvements. In Bordeaux, for example, a team of Saft staff worked on a pull-flow project to streamline aviation production, achieving a 25 percent cut in stock and a significant fall in lead time, resulting in an 8 percent jump in productivity.

Industry 4.0: Digitization is revolutionizing industry in the 21st century and our ambitious Digital Transformation Program, launched in 2016, ensures Saft will not be left behind. Covering all activities, DTP takes in enhanced automation, data management, collaborative portals, on-line diagnostics and much more.


Excellence runs through every Saft facility, from our oldest factory, opened in 1916 in Sweden, to the newest in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, opened in 2011 and visited by President Barack Obama in 2016.



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