Saft shows advanced battery technologies for demanding Middle East applications

Dubai, February 15, 2013 – Saft Nife® ME Ltd, the Middle East representative of the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high‐tech industrial batteries, is at MEE, the Middle East Electricity exhibition and conference, to showcase a selection of its state of the art batteries based on nickel-cadmium (Ni‐Cd) and lithium‐ion (Li‐ion) technologies.

The batteries on show on Saft’s stand (6C20 in Hall 6) are ideally suited to the high temperatures and harsh operating environments found in the Middle East, where they offer low maintenance, reliability, long life and optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in applications including back‐up power and offgrid hybrid power systems. Highlights on the stand include Saft’s Uptimax New Generation and Tel.X Ni‐Cd batteries, Intensium® Flex and Evolion® Li‐ion batteries.

Batteries for stationary back‐up applications in electricity, utility and oil & gas industries
Saft’s Uptimax New Generation Ni‐Cd pocket‐plate batteries deliver reliable back‐up power for stationary power applications ‐ such as emergency and security systems and process control in the electricity, utility and oil & gas industries, even when operating at ambient temperatures of + 40°C or more. A key advantage of the Uptimax New Generation is that it is maintenance‐free, under recommended operating conditions, in terms of topping up with water as well as offering a long operational life of at least 20 years at + 25 °C.

For offshore oil and gas installations where installation space is limited, Saft Tel.X maintenance‐free Ni‐ Cd batteries are the ideal replacement for VRLA (Valve‐Regulated Lead‐Acid) batteries. Designed specifically for floating applications, Tel.X can reduce battery weight by 30 percent while offering a high energy density of up to 100 Wh/l.

To complement the Uptimax New Generation and Tel.X, Saft is also showing its Ni‐Cd block battery ranges (SBLE, SBM and SBH), the low‐maintenance SPH range and the specialized batteries purpose designed for off‐grid PV (photovoltaic) installations.

Intensium® Flex Li‐ion batteries for the new generation of data centers For locations where space and weight are the key considerations, such as the new generation of data centers, Saft Intensium® Flex Li‐ion systems provide maintenance‐free energy storage in a compact, flexible and adaptable rack mount format that ensures an optimized installation footprint. Intensium® Flex systems combine high operational reliability with outstanding life time under the most difficult environmental conditions, while delivering the very high power, more than 800 W/l at the module level, required by the latest UPS systems.

Evolion® Li‐ion modules for off‐grid hybrid power systems
Saft Evolion® maintenance‐free Li‐ion batteries offer a unique combination of long cycling life, deep cycling capability, fast charging, high charge efficiency and high energy density for off‐grid hybrid power installations in developing areas of the world.

In a typical hybrid off‐grid power site, the Evolion® system works with diesel generators, as well as possibly PV and/or wind power, to ensure continuity of electrical power. This hybrid approach can enable the genset’s daily run‐time to be reduced to less than six hours, resulting in significant fuel savings of up to 75 percent while also reducing CO2 emissions and refueling costs.