Saft batteries are ready for duty in China’s fast growing oil and gas exploration and production sector

Saft offers a complete portfolio of nickel- and lithium-based battery technologies developed specifically for oil and gas applications ranging from MWD (measurement while drilling) to UPS installations on offshore production platforms

Beijing, March 19, 2014 – Saft, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced technology batteries for industry, is at CIPPE to showcase its comprehensive portfolio of battery solutions designed to power the instruments, equipment and systems that are now starting to play a crucial role in the development of China’s fast growing oil and gas exploration and production sector.

Many of the world’s leading oil and gas companies rely on Saft’s nickel-based, primary and rechargeable lithium batteries to ensure the reliability and continuity of their critical systems as the search for search for energy reserves enters increasingly remote and hard to access locations in harsh environmental conditions and extreme temperatures. This has provided Saft with a wealth of expertise and proven technology to support customers in China’s emerging oil and gas market, with the country already established as the world fifth largest oil producer in 2013 - a share of around five percent of the world’s total oil output. In the same year, some $50-$60 billion was invested in exploration and production (E&P) in China, representing around nine percent of the world’s total spending in E&P.

Saft's nickel- and lithium-based batteries have been developed to offer the reliability, energy/power density, safety, low maintenance requirements and long service life that are critical for oil and gas applications. Typical examples include:

Oil exploration

Companies around the world use Saft rugged, robust and lightweight Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries to power the sophisticated seismic survey equipment that is used to determine the precise location of oil and gas deposits. Saft lithium batteries also provide autonomous power for MWD and LWD (logging while drilling) instrumentation.

Subsea production

A leading global provider of technical solutions for the energy industry uses Saft Li-ion battery modules to power control valves located 350 meters below sea level. By operating the valves electrically, the company expects to achieve both operational and environmental advantages.

Solar power systems on the Andaman Sea near Myanmar

The companies operating an offshore gas field and its pipeline use ultra-low maintenance, long-life nickel-based Saft systems to power the solar energy systems of an unmanned production platform 60 kilometers off the coast of Myanmar.

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) in the North Caspian Sea

A provider of power protection solutions for many industrial sectors uses Saft rechargeable nickel-based battery systems to provide up to eight hours of autonomous back-up power for critical control and communication systems used in the harsh environment of the North Caspian Sea, where temperatures can range between - 36°C and + 40°C.

End to end support – local China manufacturing facility

Saft provides a wide array of support and services to support its advanced technology batteries throughout the installation life-cycle, from design, qualification, field deployment and operations management through to end of life retrofitting and replacement. Saft already offers local support through its existing manufacturing base in Zhuhai and this facility will be further expanded to accompany Saft’s planned growth in China.