Saft’s lithium-ion batteries to power GDELS-MOWAG military vehicle program

Saft’s Xcelion6T® technology using SLFP® chemistry will power Piranha V Armored Personal Carriers.

Paris, France, January 31st, 2016 — Saft has signed a multi-million dollar contract with General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) Mowag, the Switzerland-based subsidiary of GDLS.  Saft will deliver its Xcelion 6T® batteries to equip hundreds of Piranha V Armored Personal Carriers (APC) to be supplied by GDELS-Mowag to the Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistic Organization (DALO).

With this contract, Saft is proud to be the first battery manufacturer globally to sign a large-scale production contract to equip a military vehicle with new lithium-ion (Li-ion) 6T battery technology, a market traditionally dominated by lead-acid legacy components. The Saft’s Xcelion 6T® is a quarter of the weight, and half the volume of two lead-acid batteries, providing equivalent power in a single battery system.

Xcelion 6T® uses Saft’s Super-Phosphate® (SLFP®) patented technology designed for applications where safety is critical. The Xcelion 6T® features an advanced, lightweight design within the dimensions of a traditional lead-acid battery, enabling easy integration into the vehicle. The system will power starting, lights, ignition and silent watch capabilities of the Piranha V.  Saft’s Li-ion solution meets mission objectives to achieve higher power and energy efficiency in a more compact and lighter package. The long life and high reliability enables fewer battery replacements, reduces lifecycle costs and facilitates smart communication capabilities within the vehicle system. Crucial defense missions occur in a wide array of climates, and Xcelion 6T® is the sole Li-ion 6T technology to meet the performance requirements in cold temperatures.

This contract with GDELS represents a significant first for a large-scale Li-ion 6T battery deployment.  It demonstrates Saft’s commitment to innovation and to providing field-proven technology vital for critical missions,” said Annie Sennet, Executive Vice President of Saft’s Space and Defense division. “We are pleased to partner with GDELS and work together to ensure its Piranha V armored vehicles perform with paramount power and energy efficiency.”

The benefits of Saft’s Xcelion 6T® battery, while ideal for replacing lead-acid batteries in military vehicles, span a wide range of industries including commercial marine, aviation, or any application traditionally serviced by legacy technologies, and where longer life, lighter weight, and higher energy density are desirable. Saft remains committed to innovation and will continue to innovate to advance Li-ion battery technology.