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Whatever your network stability or equipment backup time request may be, Saft has a high performing battery solution for every part of the telecom value chain, anywhere in the world.
Telecom cabinet in the desert
Telecom cabinet in the desert

Effective, reliable backup power is essential for the telecommunications industry to maintain increasing service demands due to growing cloud computing, data streaming, etc. Wireless or wireline installations, indoor or outdoor, on-grid or standalone, Saft knows your energy needs and can meet them through its large range of advanced, specialized battery solutions operational in very hot or cold climates, urban settings or remote hard-to-access locations.

When the stability of your network is low, your equipment needs a solution with good cycling capabilities and good chargeability. When network stability is high, your equipment needs solutions with float charging capability and a long service life. As for backup time, Saft solutions are available from 30 seconds to over one day.

Our long service life and low or no maintenance battery solutions respond to your needs wherever they may be. Our team of experts also provides training and maintenance support through various after-sales services to accompany you over the years that Saft’s battery is in service.