Individual Shareholders

Who is Saft ?

Saft is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced technology batteries for industry. Its multi-technology battery systems meet the needs of a wide variety of customers worldwide: nickel-based and primary lithium batteries in industrial infrastructure, transportation, civil and military electronics; lithium-ion solutions in energy storage, telecoms, space and defence. Saft continues to develop new generations of batteries for new applications, helping customers develop innovative products and services.

French Limited Company with Management and Supervisory

Boards (Société Anonyme à Directoire et Conseil de Surveillance).  

The company is registered in the Bobigny companies register

under the number B481 480 465 

Headquarters :
Saft Groupe
12 Rue Sadi Carnot
93170 Bagnolet
Tel. +33 1 49 93 19 18

Fax +33 1 49 93 19 52

On which stock exchange are Saft shares listed ?

Listing : Euronext Paris

Market : Eurolist Compartiment B

Reference Index : SBF120, CAC Mid 60, CAC IT, CAC Industrial Index

ISIN : FR 0010208165

Mnemonic : SAFT


Are Saft shares eligible for the Deferred Settlement System ?

Saft shares are eligible for French share savings plans (PEA) and the Deferred Settlement System for long positions.

How can I buy Saft shares ?

Saft shares can be purchased in two ways :

  • Bearer shares from the bank or financial intermediary of your choice
  • Or registered shares through BNP Paribas Securities (see contact details below)

What is the difference between holding bearer shares and holding registered shares ?

Shareholders may hold Saft shares in two different ways: as "registered" shares or as "bearer" shares. Bearer shares are placed in accounts held by your financial intermediary and Saft is therefore not informed of the bearer's identity. Registered shares are however registered in Saft accounts, thereby creating a direct relationship between you and the Group.

How can I convert my bearer Saft Groupe shares into registered shares ?

If you hold bearer shares and you wish to convert them into registered shares, all you need do is contact BNP PARIBAS SECURITIES SERVICES to ask for a form for conversion to registered shares.


BNP PARIBAS Securities Services
CTS Emetteurs

Conservation Emetteurs
(Fax : 01 55 77 34 17)
Grands Moulins de Pantin
Immeuble Europe
75450 - PARIS CEDEX 09

Click here to access the form (in French)

How can I participate in and vote at General Meetings ?

All shareholders may:

  • attend and vote at General Meetings
  • vote by post
  • vote by proxy

To attend the General Meeting,

To have the right to participate in Annual General Meetings, to vote by correspondence or to be personally represented, shareholders must have been registered as such either on a nominative basis, or via a bearer share account administered by an authorised intermediary, by zero hours Paris time on the third working day prior to the meeting.

The holders of bearer shares must prove their quality by virtue of an attestation delivered by the authorized intermediary administering their investment, eventually by electronic means, and appended to the postal vote bulletin, the proxy form or the request for an attendance card prepared in the name or on behalf of the shareholder.

How can I receive Saft dividends ?

To receive Saft dividends, shareholders must own their shares on the record date (of which they will be informed several weeks before the General Meeting).
The dividend will be paid by Saft a few days after the General Meeting, on the payment date (of which shareholders will also have been informed several weeks in advance). It is transferred to the shareholder's account by his financial intermediary within a few days.