Social responsibility

Respect for the individual
“Saft’s Code of Ethics, distributed to every employee, is consistent with the UN Global Compact in its founding guidelines.”

Saft gives high priority to respecting and protecting its employees.

Saft employs over 4,000 people worldwide.  They come from different cultural and geographic backgrounds.  This diversity, added to their skills and motivation, is a significant asset for the company.  However, each individual’s contribution can only be appreciated if everyone observes high standards of courtesy and respect. That is one of Saft’s guiding principles and a key demand of its code of ethics.

A pleasant workplace

Fostering a positive, comfortable workplace is important.  All employees should feel welcome and at ease.  That is why Saft has established:

  • Clear and regular communications;
  • Respect of diversity;
  • Equal opportunity;
  • Concern for the health and safety of employees.