Corporate social responsibility

Supporting the community
“Saft is aware of its responsibilities towards society at large and the local communities in which it is present.” Anne Le Bourg, Saft International HR Co-ordinator

Saft naturally supports the communities or regions where it has operations.  First and foremost as an employer. The company gives priority to hiring locally and is frequently recognised as a major employer.  The new plant in Jacksonville, Florida, for example, created a large number of local jobs.


Saft local entities also play an active role in their communities by supporting social, environmental and humanitarian initiatives.  This can include help for the sick, the elderly and the disabled, charities for medical research and NGOs.  They regularly sponsor cultural and sporting events, as well as schools and professional associations.

Responsible Purchasing

Saft is implementing a responsible Purchasing policy and works with suppliers whose practices respect the same principles.  The Purchasing Department is responsible for ensuring that buyers respect the Saft Code of Ethics in their dealings with suppliers, who are themselves expected to comply with the principles of:

  • Corporate responsibility
  • Ethics
  • Respect for the environment

Energy storage systems in action

Energy storage systems, by facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources into the power transmission network, make a major contribution in reducing the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.

EASE - european association for the storage of energy

   Saft is a founding member of EASE, which actively supports the deployment
   of energy storage as an indispensable instrument to improve the flexibility of 
   our electricity system with respect to EU energy and climate policy.




Venteea – integrating wind energy

 The VENTEEA project will test the MV distribution grid (20 kV) in French rural
 areas with a substantial wind generation. Saft will provide a 2 MW
 containerised storage solution including Li-ion batteries,      
 supervisory systems, battery management and protection.

Nice Grid – neighbourhood grid

NICE GRID is a model for a smart solar neighbourhood located in the south of France. Saft Lithium-ion batteries provide optimal stability for the NICE GRID electricity network with an energy efficiency of around 95%. Brochure.

pellworm - a smart region

    Pellworm Island, off the North Sea Coast of Germany, with a high level of 
    energy autonomy based on renewables. Saft's Intensium Max 20 system of
    1MW provides minutes to hours of energy storage flexibility.



    Established in April 2015, Think Smartgrids aims to develop the smart grids
    sector in France and promote French solutions in Europe and around the
    world. Saft is an active member of Think Smartgrids.