Project-based teamwork
At Saft, Research and Development are a matter of teamwork. A wide variety of projects leverage the talent and diversity of the Saft scientists and engineers to respond to customer challenges.

The Saft R&D teams are made up of specialists from across the world. They include a total of 30 PhD’s, of which 16 are occupied in long-term research. For each the past three years, Saft R&D has integrated 20 to 25 new engineers, a large proportion of them joining the Li-ion battery system development teams.

These talented and committed people are experts in a range of disciplines associated with Saft’s product domains. They include electrochemistry, mechanical design, electronics & power electronics, materials, software engineering, energy storage, safety & reliability of battery operation, and more.

PROJECTS ANd partnerships

The Saft R&D teams are supplementing their own expertise by establishing links to top-class universities and research centres. For example, they have close ties to the universities of Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, and the Lorraine Polytechnique in the east of France.

They are also participating in joint research projects with other enterprises and academic institutions. For example, Saft is one of the partners in the NiceGrid micro-grid project in the south of France; this is part of the Grid4EU programme under the auspices of the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for Research. Saft is also partnering major aircraft companies in the Genome project, carrying out research into the aircraft of the future, more specifically, the More Electrical Aircraft (MEA).